Rale Design Software (RDS) consists of programs for calculating transformers and chokes and one security key, without which RDS cannot function.

All programs are installed on the user's computer, while the security key can be on the user's computer or on a server.

In the trial version, the original programs for calculating transformers and chokes are installed on your computer and the security key is located on Ralet's server in Switzerland. Communication between your computer and Ralet's server is realized through a VPN connection.

Instructed by previous experience, we know that there are a large number of visitors who would like to solve only one current problem.

There are two reasons why this is not possible. First RDS is a powerful and complex tool and cannot be used without training and technical support. Second, Rale is looking for potential rental users.

If you are really interested in checking the RDS value live sign up. Rale will contact you personally to help you get started successfully.