Rale Design Software consists of several professional programs for the calculation of transformers and inductors.

Thanks to many years of investment of time (>40 years) and knowledge in its development, Rale Design Software has become a powerful tool in the service of more than 150 manufacturers of transformers and inductors around the world.

The following list shows the main parameters and features that the Rale Design Software supports:

  • Output power up to 5MVA
  • Voltage up to 35kV, with voltage harmonics
  • Current up to 10kA, with current harmonics
  • Frequency up to 500kHz
  • Windings connections I,Y,D.Z.Dex
  • Temperature up to 250 C
  • Cooling media air and oil,AN and AF
  • In case (air and potted), cabinet(AN and AF, inside), oil tank (AN and AF,outside)
  • Ambient temperature max. 180 C
  • Duty cicle operation mode, 1s up to 1000 minutes
  • Core forms: EI,UI,3EI,5EI,DELTA,,toroids & all existing feritte core forms, with and without bobbins
  • Wires: round, rectangle,, foil and litz, Al and Cu
  • Steel: GO, CR, ferittes and powsers
  • Windings: max. 12, im series or parallel,with or without cooling channels, with max.8 discs, in single section or double section construction
  • With or without transposition, 4 versions
  • With or without limitation of eddy current losses

Thanks to these features, the Rale Design Software can be used to calculate transformers and inductors for a wide range of applications:

1. Transformers with EI,UI and 3EI bobbins, steel GO and CR, max. 20kHz, max.10kVA per leg at 50Hz

  • Small transformers up to 10VA, potted, sjort citcuit proof,...
  • Halofen lamp transformers
  • LED transformerso 10VA, 5/6Hz
  • Control transformers
  • Universl transformers
  • High leakind inductance transformers
  • Audio transformers
  • Autotransformers
  • Universal autotransformers
  • Rectifier transformers with R,RL and RC load
  • MIX transformers (auto transformer with more secobdary windingd)
  • Medical transformers
  • Battery charger transformers
  • Welding transformers
  • Toroidal transformers
  • Current transformers
  • Voltage transformers

2. Transformers with all existing feritte cores & bobbins, max. 500kHz

  • AC/AC transformers
  • Flyback transforners
  • Forward transforners
  • Resonance transformers
  • Convertertransformers witn AC or DC output (R,RL and RC load)

3. Transformers with EI,UI,3EI,5EI and DELTA, without bobbins, steel GO and CR, max. 20kHz, max.1.67MVA per leg at 50Hz

Cooling media air and oil, AF and AN

  • Distribution transformers with EI,UI,3EI,5EI and DELTA, 50/60Hz, max.5MVA, with optimizimg for best material price according to the prescribed load losses or the temperature rise and short circuit voltage, with oil tank design for AN or AF cooling
  • Inverter transformers with PWM up to 10kHz
  • K-Factor transformers
  • 2,4,6,12,18 and 24 pulses rectifier transsformers
  • 400 Hz Mmilitary transformers
  • Cooling channel transformers
  • Transforners with integrated inductor
  • Motor starting autotransformer
  • Transformers for frequency converter
  • l'Blanc transformers. Inducto
  • Scott transformers
  • Rale-Scott transformers: 3Ph to 1Ph

3. Inductors with EI,UI,3RI and all existing feritte cores & bobbins, max. 500kHz

  • Smoothing inductors
  • Commutating inductors
  • Power factor correction inductors
  • LC filter inductors for power factor correction
  • Connon node inductors
  • Motor filter inductots after PWM inverter

For more deeper information please open the link Design examples