Your investment

You cannot buy the Rale Design Software for transformer and choke design. You can only rent it for one or more years.In doing so, you need to take into account the following:

  • The Rale Design Software can be used only with one dongle (CmStick from company WIBU Systems, which contains information about the number of licenses, the expiration date, ...
  • It supports only Microsoft Windows XP, 7 and 10.

There are more rental versions:

  1. Single user version for 3600 Swiss francs per year.
  2. In this version the Rale Design Software can only be used on the computer where it is installed and where the dongle is located.
  3. Network version for 4500 Swiss francs per year.
  4. In this version the dongle is located on the network server. The Rale Design Software is installed on user's computers.A maximum of 10 users can use the Rale Design Software at the same time.

  5. 2 x single user version for 4500 Swiss francs per year
  6. In this version the user has 2 single user dongles.

  7. 1 single user & network version for 5400 Swiss francs per year
  8. In this version the user has 1 single user dongles and 1 network dongle.

Your profit

  1. Technical support is cost free!
  2. Technical support is provided to you personally by Rale, who has developed the Rale Design Software and who has extensive experience in the calculation of transformers and chokes. Lern by using Rale's khow-how!

  3. New versions are cost free
  4. Reduce prototyping for 80%
  5. This will allow you to quickly make offers to your customers' inquiries

  6. Reduce the material costs for 10% to 20%