Three-Phase LC-Resonance Filter Choke, connected in series with capacitor

Designing LC-resonance filter inductors
  • Set inductance at peak current (View the peak value on the current diagram). The resonance frequency is 189Hz for Ul/Uc=7%
  • Select the AC inductance : L-Type = 1
  • Select Cu round wire: Wire = 0
  • The frequency of the first harmonic is 50Hz
  • Set the rms values of harmonics of the thermal current. These harmonics have to be prescribed by your customer!
  • Set the temperature rise
  • Select grain oriented steel. Note that the induction will be optimized by program in order to get optimal relationship between core losses and winding losses
  • Set Gap = 1 and Core Assembly = 2 or better
  • Select suitable 3 phase core family. If there are 3. and 9. harmonics (circuit c) then you need to use 3 one phase cores.
Designing LC-resonance filter inductors
  • Control the value of induction, gap and connected wires in parallel
  • Round the number of turns
  • In order to calibrate the choke, connect it on the calculated calibration 3 phase AC-voltages (rms value) with the calibration frequency (normally 50Hz or 60Hz) and then vary the gap until you get the calculated calibration 3 phase AC-current (rms value).